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Zeolite Molecular Traps and Their Use in Preventative Conservation

By Seigfried Rempel, photographic conservation scientist and author of The Care of Photographs

Mr. Rempel lays out a wealth of information on the use of molecular traps- or zeolites- in the preventative conservation of photographic material. While the focus is more on photographic material, there is a short discussion regarding paper artifacts including comic books, newspaper, and alkaline book papers. Rempel discusses the harmful pollutant gasses which collections are exposed to daily and provides concise charts and graphs demonstrating his findings.  He also includes a series of “before and after” photographs of various items- color prints, black and white film negatives, animation cels, and fine art lithographic prints- which provide dramatic visual evidence of the remarkable protection provided by the use of zeolites in archival papers and boards such as Conservation Resources’ MicroChamber products and Neilsen & Bainbridge’s ArtCare museum framing materials. Images included compare the results, after testing, of these items protected with both traditional lignin- free, buffered and non-buffered archival papers and boards in comparison to those protected by MicroChamber materials.  A bibliography references additional publications and research materials one can follow for even more information.