Glass Beads, 1.0-1.25mm – #GB1


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A unique product, these tiny glass beads will fill many needs in the conservation laboratory as well is in displays. Originally developed for use in the grinding and polishing fields, they feature a unique, completely spherical shape, free of any slivers, broken or fused pieces, or surface cracks. High density, high impact strength, and high crushing resistance alleviate concerns about breakage. During reconstruction or repair of pottery, ceramics, glass, or other delicate tasks, use them to hold artifacts in place at various angles. They are an ideal replacement for sand, which can be abrasive to fragile objects and painted surfaces, or dried peas or legumes, which lack significant weight and additionally may draw pests. We offer them in two sizes, 1.0-1.25 mm and 2.0 mm diameters. Either size is sold by the kilogram.