Silversmiths Gloves – #TI-GLV


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Silversmiths Gloves will clean, polish and protect silver from tarnish as hands stay dry and unsoiled. Slip a pair on when inspecting your collection or re-arranging display cases. You can gently wipe dust and tarnish as you find it, and avoid leaving fingerprints behind as well. When you are finished, the gloves will be starting to blacken from the tarnish that was on your silver and your silver will be restored to its original beautiful shine. Made of heavy-gauge terry cloth, these gloves are capable of withstanding scores of launderings. After several inspections, when the gloves become too soiled to use any more, simply run them through your washer and dryer, then apply Hagerty Dry Silver Polish (spray) to them. The washing will improve the softness of the gloves and they can be retreated with the Dry Silver Polish again and again. Dry Silver Polish is sold separately. One aerosol spray bottle should retreat your gloves several times.