Micromesh Sanding Swabs, 2.25″ – #MM-SW2


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Used for anything from polymer clay to porcelain, plastics and more, these polishing swabs are ideal for getting into tight spaces, cleaning mass spectrometer sources, or for use in any other place where a small swab can reach. Use water as a lubricant when possible to extend the longevity of the swabs. Available in variety packs of 12 different Micro-Mesh grades ranging from 100MX to 12000, each swab is color-coded and packaged in a header card listing the corresponding grades of Micro-Mesh. Two sizes of swabs are available. Small swabs, 2.25″ long with 1/8″ heads, are ideal for polishing narrow areas and small, intricate parts. Longer 5″ swabs with 3/8″ heads work well for larger areas. Handles for both are made from fairly rigid plastic. Wash and reuse over and over.