Museum Wax (a “Quake Hold” product) – #QH-WA


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This is a specially-blended combination of microcrystalline waxes designed for use with antiquities in museums. It is the best choice for objects on wood (like shelves); it is also good for the wood-after a year or so it becomes more difficult to remove but is still removable. Museum wax adheres instantly, and is the least susceptible to aging or drying once in place if left on an object for 6 (or more) months, making it the best choice for more permanent displays. Recommended for long term museum displays when clarity isn’t an issue (as it is with glass objects or glass shelves), though replacing it every time you clean the objects (3-4 times /year) is suggested. Available in 50 gram tubs. See also Museum Putty and Museum Gel.