Liquid Wood, 2 pint kit – #919-0001



Liquid Wood is a deep-penetrating wood consolidant which regenerates rotted, dried-out or spongy wood by restoring structural strength and integrity to wood fibers. A piece of wood which was severely deteriorated may be treated with Liquid Wood, rendering it once again rigid, durable, water- and weather-resistant. After treatment, the hardened wood may be planed, sawed, painted, carved, drilled, nailed, sanded, or glued. It is an ideal choice for regenerating structures from columns, window sills and frames, thresholds, and stairs to indoor and outdoor furniture, art and archaeological objects. This product features excellent adhesion, structural strength, permanence, dimensional stability, and water resistance. It consists of a two part kit composed of two clear epoxies, a resin and a hardener which are mixed in equal measures then poured or brushed on the wood and allowed to penetrate the fibers restoring the soundness of the object in minutes or hours. 100% solids, 1:1 ratio, 40 minute pot life, no VOCs or noxious odors. A solvent for thinning the product or cleaning up is sold separately. Mix 1:1 by volume.