Flugger – #FLU066



Flugger is an excellent bonding and filling acrylate filler which, after grinding and dusting, can be painted with aqueous or alkyd paint. Flugger is suitable for spot filling and for finishing filling of primed woodwork, plaster, concrete, anti-corrosion iron and metal as well as previously painted surfaces. It can also be applied in a relatively thick layer without cracking. Wood conservators and framers use Flugger to fill missing areas, and it can be sanded when it is dry. Pigments can be added to color Flugger, and it is also used to build up missing areas on acrylic paintings. Thin or clean it using water. Drying time at 68 F (20 C) is approximately 1/2 hour (dry to the touch). Re-coating interval is approximately 1 hour; the finished product is fully cured in several days.

Solids: Weight %: 77          Vol. %: 59
Density : 1.8 kilo/ liter
Layer thickness: Max. 2 mm
Particle size:  Max 0.01 mm
Adhesion:   12 kp / cm2
Thinner/ cleaning:  water
Drying time at 20 degrees C, 60% RF
Dry to touch: Approx. 1/2 hour
Recoat interval: Approx.1 hour
Fully cured: Several days