Conserving the Painted Past: Developing Approaches to Wall Painting Conservation – #BK-223



Proceedings of a conference held by English Heritage in London, UK, 2-4 December 1999.

From an international perspective, English wall paintings offer much diversity in both history and production and are linked with the wider European artistic tradition. They range from delicate frescoes in Roman villa ruins to larger decorative and figurative schemes in both churches and cathedrals, as well as in domestic buildings. These vulnerable works of art now suffer not only from environmental changes but also from the well-meaning but often irreversible treatments of the past.

This conference was called specifically to take stock of recent developments in the field and to plan the way ahead regarding standards and practice for the future. Among other topics, this volume covers such issues as documentation and recording both in terms of setting a baseline for future treatments and for evaluating condition changes, standards of current conservation practice, visitor management, and strategies of risk assessment. Paperback.