Paper and Textiles: The Common Ground – #BK-211



edited by L. Eaton & F. Butterfield

Pre-prints of the SSCR Conference held in Glasgow

19 & 20 September 1991.

Both textiles and paper contain cellulose and these eleven papers explore this shared territory, while acknowledging certain chemical and physical differences. Recognizing these differences, textile conservators have successfully adapted traditional methods and materials employed by paper conservators. For example, the benefits of wheat starch paste, as well as the use of a local suction point to remove stains on a silkscreen, are examined. Scientific papers include: FTIR spectroscopy, enzyme treatment and the effect of alkali on cellulose fibers. The exchange of ideas between paper and textile conservators is revealed in several thought-provoking case studies which examine the problems of textile mixed with paper, the effect this has on conservation treatments and the dilemma of creating appropriate storage.