Microanalysis of Parchment – #BK-248



by Rene Larsen

Manuscripts, scrolls, maps, and artwork made from parchment are found in libraries and museums worldwide. The condition of these items can vary widely. This book describes the ways in which fibers deteriorate as well as environmental conditions which can promote this deterioration. From this Foundation the author describes safe analysis techniques, with the premise that parchment is very fragile and must be handled with extreme care. The author discusses sampling techniques, microanalytical, microscopical and other non-destructive techniques conservators may chose to use when determining the conditions and the treatment options for Parchment-based artifacts in their possession.

The Contributions in this volume represent the main achievements of the European joint project on parchment Methods in the Microanalysis of Parchment sponsored by the European Commission. The Author is the rector of the School of Conservation, Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen, Denmark.