Vinamold Hot Melt Compound – #LC17


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This is a hot melt compound for the manufacture of flexible molds based on vinyl resins. It is suitable for casting polyester resin, plaster, epoxy, and phenol-formaldehyde resins. Waterproof molds are resistant to many chemicals and are not affected by temperature or humidity. The molds reproduce the finest details, and many casts can be made from one mold. Finally, molds can be re-melted, re-cast, and used again. This product, when used in accordance with the directions supplied, is non-toxic. It is available in three degrees of hardness (flexibilty) with red being the softest, yellow the hardest, and white the intermediate grade. Vinamold is sold by the kilogram.

Color Melting Temperature Pouring Temperature Uses/ Notes
Red 150-170 degrees C 140-150 degrees C Best General Purpose
White 170 degrees C 170 degrees C Toughest, best for polyester resin casting
Yellow 150-170 degrees C 140-150 degrees C Best for very thin sections or large molds