Textile Boxes, 30 x 18 x 6, Lig-Free II – #30186C2


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These large textile boxes ship to you flat and can be assembled quickly. They hold wedding dresses, uniforms, quilts, linens and other textiles you wish to preserve. We offer them in both of our MicroChamber boards. These boards actually remove harmful gases, whether airborne pollutants from outside the box or by-products of deterioration from within, preventing them from coming in contact with items being stored. Additionally, they can remove 170 times more acid than a buffered paper of equivalent size and weight. The standard MicroChamber boxes combine alkaline buffers and molecular sieves, offering your collection the greatest protection available. The MicroChamber/Silversafe Board provides a combination of our regular MicroChamber buffered, lignin- free board for strength, thickness, and support, and is faced with a neutral pH, non-buffered white cotton Silversafe surface paper. This corrugated board was developed so the advantages of MicroChamber technology could be combined with neutral pH, non-buffered cotton Silversafe paper for use with protein-based textiles such as silks and wools.