Swabs with Large Polyester Heads – #926-SP3


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These swabs feature polypropylene heads thermally bonded to their handles, thus avoiding any glues, binders, or other adhesives which may prove to be detrimental for conservation purposes. Swabs with cotton or foam heads and paper or wood shafts may shred or dissolve in the presence of strong chemicals (including toluene, xylene, or acetone), leaving behind particles, fibers, or residual debris. The small size of this swab makes it ideal for small, detailed work. Certified for clean-room use, they feature exceptionally low residue and are safe for use in the presence of strong chemicals such as acetone, trichloroethane, and various acids. Swabs have knit polyester heads and Delrin handles; head measures 0.08″ in diameter x 0.4″ in length and the handle is 3 inches long. 50 per package.