Rolled Object Boxes, Ship-Flat, MicroChamber/ Silversafe Corrugated – #4044-M2S


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These boxes were designed for a major university, and their convenient size, as well as their ship-flat style, make them a versatile choice for a wide range of items. Offered in both MicroChamber and MicroChamber/Silversafe corrugated boxboards, they measure 40 inches long and 4 inches square. Easy and safe to use, they open from the top (the 40 inch direction), rather than from the end, and feature a full-length flap which tucks in to close the box. The end-opening design of many boxes for large, rolled items calls for the object to slide down the length of the box, which may pose risks to items being housed. The full 4 inch depth of the tuck-in flap also safeguards objects resting against this side as they don’t brush up against the edge of the flap.