Scalpel Blades- Special – #SMB-11P-15T-G3


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We are pleased to offer these special blades, which are designed to fit our #3 and #3L handles. The 11P has a long cutting edge which tapers to an especially long, fine cutting point. The 15T has a short rounded cutting edge with an angled point. Like our standard blades, these are non-sterile carbon steel sealed in foil packages of 5 blades with 20 of these packages (100 blades) in a box. The G3 blade is made from ultra-fine stainless steel and features a 5cm cutting edge. Designed for extremely delicate skin graft work, its unusual features will make it an especially valuable blade for conservators to have on hand. It resembles a very small, thin meat cleaver. Note that the G3 blade will only fit on the #3 handle, and is available in boxes of 20 blades rather than 100.