Rustin’s Clear Quick-Drying Ceramic Glaze, 250 ml – #RCG-6


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Quick Drying Ceramic Glaze is based on a one part ambient cross linking acrylic resin suitable for stoving. The finish is highly durable, resistant to impact, abrasion and most solvents. The glaze is colorless and does not yellow on aging. Rustin’s water-based glazes are safe for use on items which will hold food or beverages once they are fully cured, according to the manufacturer. It is intended for use on china clay and ceramics.

Glaze can be applied by brush or air-brush. If needed the product may be diluted with a maximum of 10% water for application by air-brush. It is compatible with dry powder pigments. Artist’s acrylic colors can also be used but it is recommended that a test for compatibility is carried out because of the differences in manufacturer’s formulations. The coating is generally touch-dry within 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the ambient temperature. Under normal ambient conditions it will take 10 days to fully cross link and achieve maximum hardness. For extra hardness and water resistance the product may be stoved as well.