Rhoplex B60A, 1 quart – #SY29B


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This is a low-viscosity, water-based acrylic emulsion which offers excellent durability and flexibility as it ages. It is suggested as a somewhat purer replacement for Rhoplex AC33, which was a combination of B60A and thickener. B60A may be used in the consolidation of old masonry, crumbling sandstone, and mortar. Additional uses include consolidating plaster work, binding ceramic powders prior to firing, and, in conjunction with a suitable harder polymer, for use as a clear sealant for concrete surfaces. B60A may also be applied with a syringe between layers of plaster to provide a strong consolidating layer. The solids content is 46-47%, the pH 9.4 to 9.9, and the product is freeze-thaw stable with a film formation temperature of 9 C.