Rare Book Phase Boxes, Size C up to 12 x 17 x 2, .065 MicroChamber/ Silversafe – #RBB-C-MCS


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Rare or fragile books and those with gold tooling benefit from the protection afforded by these specially-made boxes. When restoration is not feasible, rare book boxes offer long-term stability at an economical price. We hand-make these boxes from your choice of a variety of our box boards, according to the specifications you furnish. We will be happy to send you a sheet entitled How to Measure Books for Protective Boxes and a form for recording the necessary dimensions. It is NOT necessary to send your volumes to us. Two styles of boxes are offered, with only slight variations between them. Regular style boxes are slightly stronger than New style. Regular style feature rivets on both the spine and the cover, while on the New style the rivets are only on the spine, saving shelf space. Volumes less than 1in. thick must be done in the Regular style. Some boards are not offered for particularly large books due to concerns about the structural integrity of boxes made with lighter boards for these volumes. You must specify both the boxboard you select and the style of the box on the form where you record the measurements.