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Drop front storage boxes are available in a wide range of sizes. The drop front on one long side of the bottom allows collections to slide gently in and out of the box, as fingers do not force their way down the sides with this style of box. Conservation Resources’ folders are available in sizes and papers suitable for every drop front box. MicroChamber drop front boxes are not only alkaline buffered and lignin-free, but their unique structure incorporates our SPZ zeolite and our special activated carbon. Our MicroChamber/ Silversafe boxes contain our SPZ zeolite and a pure, neutral pH, non-buffered white Silversafe cotton interior. The MicroChamber/Silversafe board was specifically designed for photographic materials that may be sensitive to alkalinity. MicroChamber products will actively contribute to the preservation of collections by eliminating harmful by-products of deterioration released by stored material. Additionally, only MicroChamber products remove harmful oxidative, pre-acidic and non-acidic deteriorative by-products and pollutants such as ozone, peroxides, aldehydes and oxides of sulfur and nitrogen. Actually, because of their unique capability, we suggest MicroChamber boxes for all of your storage needs where maximum protection and longevity is your goal. Boxes listed here are commonly used for storage of photographic collections; additional drop front boxes in different sizes and different archival boards may be found in the section titled Storage Boxes and Folders.

*All of our papers, boards, and boxes pass PAT.