Negative Storage Systems for 35mm, 120mm, and 6 x 9 cm film, 10-3/8 x 5-1/2 x 3-5/8 for 35mm, MicroChamber/ Silversafe – #35MC-MCS


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Designed as three part systems for filing and storing 35mm and 120mm roll film negatives. Initially, negatives are stored in polyester sleeves. These sleeves offer easy access without fear of scratching. By eliminating flaps of any kind, the possibility of pressure damage is eliminated. Groups of sleeves can then be placed in square-bottom .010 neutral pH conservation paper folders which are made from lignin- and sulfur- free, non-buffered folder stock. The boxes are made from your choice of our highest-quality boxboards, .065 MicroChamber or .065 MicroChamber/ Silversafe boards. Full depth, hinged lids provide a secondary level of stability when the boxes are closed, and a lignin- and sulfur-free corrugated insert in the same board as the box holds a follower block to prevent negatives from siding about in partially-filled boxes. The 35mm system is designed for strips of 6 negatives, and is supplied with 100 polyester sleeves and 30 folders. The 120mm system is designed for strips of four

2-1/4 x 2-1/4in. negatives and also comes with 100 polyester sleeves and 30 folders. A third system will store individual 6 cm. x 9 cm. negatives. In addition to the 100 sleeves, this system includes 50 square-bottom folders. All feature the unique, integral follower system developed and offered exclusively by Conservation Resources. The boxes have the same inside internal dimensions; the differences are in the size of the folders and the specific divider system within each specific box.