Mitsui Gold Archival CDs, 74 minute, 50 in Beehive – #899-2



Mitsui gold CD-R’s are widely considered to be the most stable CDs available. They are the choice of archivists and others requiring long-term preservation of digital data. Made in the USA, the Patented Phthalocyanine (gold) dye burns more accurately and more quickly than other dyes, which results in extremely high fidelity in the retransmission of the information.

Speed: 52 X

Capacity: 650mb and 74 minutes

The MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade CD-R is MAM-A’s highest performance recordable disc, providing longevity and durability far in excess of conventional CD-R. Every MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade disc uses robust Gold-on-Gold construction to provide the maximum resistance to environmental degradation.

Long-term applications such as backfile conversion, e-mail archiving, and storage of classified correspondence can benefit from the Gold CD-R’s strict quality control, 24 karat gold reflective layer and patented Phthalocyanine dye formula which offers storage life well in excess of 300 years.

The Archive-Grade CD-R was developed in response to user concerns about the viability of conventional CD-R media. Consumer grade discs frequently select dyes and reflective materials to achieve the lowest possible unit cost rather than the highest possible performance. These compromises are reasonable accommodations in the consumer market but they do not take into account the requirements of long-term archive applications and may be susceptible to rapid deterioration when subjected to heat, light, or humidity. The MAM-A Gold Archive-Grade CD-R is optimized for long life and provides demonstrably superior longevity and resistance to environmental degradation compared to conventional CD-R media.

The Light Fastness Test shows that MAM Gold will withstand the full spectrum of light, same as the sun, for 100 continuous hours without damage.

Other discs, with cyanine dye, begin to deteriorate after only 20 hours and fail at 65 hours. The results are similar when discs are subjected to high heat and humidity.

Using data from tests like these, industry standard guidelines predict that MAM Gold CD-R will last greater than 100 years! In fact, the data predicts a lifetime of up to 300 years before failing at the Orange Book limit of 220 CPS)

All MAM CD-R discs are manufactured with patented Phthalocyanine Dye (thalo-sy-a-neen) providing the longest lived recordable media available.