Bags for Cold Storage of Photographic Material, 12-1/2 x 13-1/2 – #RJ-12


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Bags for cold storage of photographic material are available in a variety of sizes. We have detailed information which we will be happy to send upon request. This information was kindly provided by Siegfried Rempel, author of The Care of Photographs (see our book section). Cold storage is recommended for color materials in particular because the organic dye systems upon which these prints are based are prone to chemical deterioration at a more rapid rate than non-color material, which are usually done in an inorganic metal system. The rate at which chemical reactions occur slows as temperatures fall, hence the reason for cold storage. The prints to be stored should be placed in a cold storage bag with a laminate structure featuring paper on the outside, a center layer made of foil, and a polyethylene layer inside. Complete instructions are available. Freezing pouches are available in three different sizes to accommodate most print sizes.

Small bags measure 10 x 12 inside and 11 x 12-3/4 outside. Medium are 12-1/2 x 13-1/2 inside and 13-1/2 x 14 outside, and large are 17 x 17-1/2 inside and 18 x 18 outside.