NItrile Disposable Gloves- Close Fitting, Large – #GL92-602


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These gloves are 100% nitrile. They contain no waxes, silicone, or plasticizers and are three times more puncture resistant than latex or vinyl. Handling artifacts undergoing chemical treatments can be a real problem, as most good protective hand wear is simply too thick to provide good tactile sensation and still allow secure, balanced handling. We think that these new, powder-free, skin-tight gloves will provide a solution for many conservators. Their thin (0.12 mm), smooth surface will offer many advantages, when compared to the usual heavier gauge gloves. Their features include extremely strong nitrile protection combined with very good tactile response. Please note, though, that these gloves are not intended for long term immersion; for long periods of immersion in spirit based solvents we recommend our thicker industrial nitrile gloves. We offer these in cartons of 100 ambidextrous gloves (50 pairs) in the four hand sizes.