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Milliput is a two-part cold setting, non-shrinking epoxy putty consisting of a low-molecular weight liquid epoxy resin and a polyamide curing agent. Both parts contain titanium dioxide, coloring pigment, and inert fillers. Milliput will set under water, and is heat resistant to 113 C. It is an excellent putty adhesive for bonding porcelain, ceramics, and a wide variety of materials including plastic, wood, and metal. It is available in your choice of six colors: superfine white, silver-grey, yellow-grey, terracotta, black and turquoise. All colors are supplied in the form of a two-stick, 113 gram kit.

We recommend Milliput is stored in cool, dry conditions. Please reseal bags after use. Stored correctly this product should remain workable for about 2 years.