Micromesh Abrasive: AO-4000 – #AO-4000


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Micromesh AO Grade abrasive colors range from off white to yellow. This version is preferred by china restorers as it leaves no color residue. Use it in the fine finishing of other soft materials like plastic and acrylic. Micromesh products feature a unique cushioned abrasive used to produce high-quality finishes A cloth-backed material, Micromesh has a resilient layer of latex upon which abrasive crystals are specially bonded. Micromesh works on the basis that when pressure is applied, the silicon carbide crystals recede and rotate slightly to present their cutting edges evenly across the surface, shaving, rather than gouging it. The abrasive crystals all cut together with a fine planing action. Select from the following: AO-1500, AO-1800, AO-2400, AO-3200, AO-3600, AO-4000, AO-6000, AO-8000, AO-12000. Unlike conventional abrasives, Micromesh cloths can be washed in soap and water and used again and again. They are available in individual 6 x 6 in. sheets