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Our patented MicroChamber Emulsion provides protection against the cumulative by-products of deterioration, pollutants from indoor and outdoor sources, and harmful substances which may migrate from materials such as wooden shelving. It is designed for use on walls and surfaces in collection rooms, chemical labs, conservation labs, photographic darkrooms, offices, and homes. It can be applied to surfaces of exhibit cases, display units, drawers, shelves, cabinets and closets where artifacts are stored, as well as to packing and shipping crates. Additionally it may be used on structural components, supports, locations surrounding laser printers or copiers, and foam boards which are placed, either permanently or temporarily, where high levels of ozone or other pollutants may exist. This black liquid may be applied to board, cloth, canvas, wood, metal, glass, plaster, and drywall (either painted or unpainted), foam, plastic, or other substrates. It consists of activated carbon in an aqueous dispersion with calcium carbonate and acrylic polymer. Its pH is 8.0, total solids 37.4% (+/- 1%).