Leksol AL, 1 liter – #LEK-AL-1


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While Leksol Standard is best suited to removal of organic grime Leksol AL is designed for use for inorganic removal. It is an azeotropic blend of n-Propyl Bromide with an aliphatic alcohol and includes performance enhancing stabilizers. Leksol AL is a non- flammable alternative to other products such as 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, TCE (Trichloroethane), and other chlorinated solvents. It is non- flammable and non- hazardous for shipping purposes. Use Leksol AL to remove adhesives and sealants; oils and greases; resins and inks; silicone oils; ionic, organic, and inorganic contaminants. It may be applied to a wide range of metals including steel, titanium, aluminum, magnesium, and zinc.