Document Cases with Pull Strings and Windows – #DCPSW-12510-15510


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Conservation Resources document cases offer collections managers the widest selection of styles, sizes, and boxboards available anywhere. Whether you have budget limitations, a variety of collections with different housing requirements, or a particular preference for a specific style, you will find the right boxes for you listed below.

All of our boxes are readily available in your choice of .060 acid- free grey/ white board, our acid-, lignin-, and sulfur- free .060 Lig-Free Type I board, and our patented .065 MicroChamber board, which affords all of the benefits of our Lig-Free Type I board while actively contributing to the preservation of the material it holds. Complete specifications on all of our papers and boards are available here Technical Info.

Once you have made your selection of a boxboard, choose either 2.5 in. or 5 in. wide boxes. The 5 in. boxes are available with a choice of a pull string or a pull hole to assist in removing them from the shelves. Boxes with strings are available with or without a slot, or window, into which an identification card may be slipped with details regarding the collection within. If you select string pulls, you may choose to receive the boxes with or without an integral support bar. The integral support bar system offers notches in the inner flaps of the box which allows the support bar to be placed where needed to hold documents and folders upright, without curling, in boxes which are not completely filled.