Jade “R” Reversible Adhesive, 1 gallon – #500-J128R


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Jade R is a water reversible formulation. This acid free archival adhesive provides a very strong bond similar to that of the Jade 403 with the added advantage of being reversible with water after it has dried. Ideal for conservation work where reversibility is of concern. Excellent for bonding paper, board, fabric, canvas, leather and films to other like surfaces. Dries quickly to a clear flexible film, and is easily cleaned up with water.Use it in bookbinding and repair, with cloth, wood, plastic, or ceramics. It is neutral in pH, flexible, fast-setting, and transparent when dry.

Note: because Jade adhesive will freeze, we suggest you try to plan to avoid winter shipping. Sold by the pint, quart and gallon; please inquire about larger quantities.