Hot-Melt Adhesive (not PVA or EVA) – #3797TC



This hot melt adhesive is a high quality, polyethylene/ polypropylene copolymer blend. Unlike most hot melt adhesives which are PVA/EVA- based, and eventually become acidic, the pH of this adhesive will not drop, which makes it an ideal substitute for standard white PVA glues. We suspect you will find many applications for it, including sealing packages, sealing material to frames and glass, making book cradles, or assembling boxes, or for bonding virtually any porous item. It works particularly well with Volara and Ethafoam. Use it with our Hot Melt Glue Gun, item #PGTC. Glue sticks are sold in groups of 12, each stick measuring 5/8 in. wide x 2 in. long.