Beva Film, 1.0 mil, 27″ x 20 feet – #ADF-9


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This film version of Gustav Berger’s famous solution comes sandwiched between a white, silicone-coated release sheet and a Mylar release sheet. It is popular for lining paintings and for textile and paper conservation. The transparent support makes it easy to cut the film to fit unusual shapes, as well as to properly position flaking paint before heat-activating the film. Activation is achieved using your choice of a tacking iron or hot air blower. Assuming that these do not harm the work involved, Beva 371 film can be reversed using hexane or acetone. Beva film is available in two thicknesses, the standard 2.5 mil, and a thinner 1.0 mil film. Recently, the manufacturer has expanded the options for sizes. The 1.0 mil and 2.5 mil are offered in the standard 27″ x 20 foot rolls. The 2.5 mil is also offered wider roll measuring 54″ x 20 feet. The 1/2″ rolls have been discontinued by the manufacturer.