.065 MicroChamber/Silversafe, 46-1/2 x 28-3/4, #MCS065S


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The MicroChamber boards listed here are comprised of a combination of buffered Lig-free board for strength, thickness, and support, coupled with broad spectrum MicroChamber technology. This paper contains alkaline buffers and our modified proprietary hydrophobic, acid-resistant SPZ zeolite which we developed and engineered after extensive research to perform the specific functions necessary to protect your collections. Our SPZ zeolite removes acids, aldehydes, ammonia, pollutants such as SO2, NOx, and H2S. It also remove oxidative gases, even in very low concentrations (see doorway and bus photos subjected to ANSI standard IT 9.15-1992 oxidative gas tests in MicroChamber section under the Technical Info tab on this site). This zeolite was engineered to remove all of the known deteriorating molecules that threaten our collections, even those with very low polarization levels. In the MicroChamber/Silversafe .065 solid fiber boards, the layer of tan MicroChamber paper is covered with a thin, layer of neutral pH, non-buffered white Silversafe paper. This comprises the interior of the container. We feel that each of the four types of board offers benefits to particular collections. Prices listed are per sheet, and the largest sheets of board will have to ship by motor freight. Small sizes are available for shipping purposes, and generally won’t require freight shipping.