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Soluvar Gloss Varnish
  • Soluvar Gloss Varnish

Liquitex Soluvar Glass Varnish

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Item # : BS-60
Description Available in both matte and gloss forms, Soluvar varnishes may be removed in the future, should the need arise. These varnishes can be applied to acrylic and polymer colors, oil paint, or tempera paintings. Non-yellowing, Soluvar varnishes were designed to allow the cleaning and restoration, and possibly the eventual re-varnishing of artwork. Soluvar is colorless and very durable. Apply it to clean, dry, dust-free surfaces. Oil paintings must be allowed to dry for 6-12 months and acrylic works, at least 48-72 hours. If varnish is applied over a surface which is not dry, it may not be removable, and additional problems such as cracking and blistering may be seen on oil paintings. Soluvar may be brushed on, but the manufacturer suggests spraying it to achieve a smoother, thinner, more even result. Obviously, the gloss will present a sheen, where the matte will produce a duller effect; the two may be blended to produce a particular tone. Soluvar varnish may be thinned using up to 25% mineral spirits or turpentine (do NOT use Odorless Mineral Spirits), however, care should be taken as over thinning may result in a weak varnish film, poor adhesion, and running or soaking into the substrate. To remove, work in a well-ventilated area using a NIOSH- approved dual filter respirator and neoprene gloves, and dampen a white soft cotton cloth slightly with mineral spirits or turpentine only. Rub gently, going over small areas and rinsing them again to remove residue. Be sure the painting is completely dry before re-varnishing with Soluvar products.