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999-CG  Coldglaze Pro 2
  • 999-CG  Coldglaze Pro 2

Coldglaze PRO2 Clear Gloss

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Item # : 999-CG
Description Coldglaze PRO 2 is the latest version of the highly acclaimed Coldglaze System, used by museums and professional china restorers. It has been specially developed for the reglazing of repairs on china and it cures to a tough, hard finish with excellent non-yellowing qualities. The latest formulation of Coldglaze features the smoothest, hardest finish ever. It is easy to airbrush and can be applied over previous versions of Coldglaze and other finishes. Coldglaze will set to a very smooth high gloss finish. It has excellent water resistance and has been tested for 20 cycles in a dishwasher at 60°C without sign of deterioration.Use Coldglaze PRO2 thinner for cleaning up. Sets at room temperature. Coldglaze will readily accept the addition of oil colors, pigments, or dyes. To achieve a matte finish simply mix Sylmasta Matting Agent S532 with the Coldglaze PRO 2 to achieve desired finish. Mix quantities: 70g~80g of Matting Agent per litre of Coldglaze PRO 2. You may create a white glaze in two different ways. You may choose to add 10% Sylmasta CGW White Paste for a high-quality, homogeneous white glaze or add Titanium Dioxide to the Coldglaze PRO 2, as desired. To airbursh, mix the Coldglaze PRO 2 and then add approximately 20% by volume of PRO 2 Thinner to obtain a suitable viscosity. Adjustments to the mix can be made, dependent upon desired finish. When airbrushing in high temperatures, the glaze may "cotton wool"; avoid this by adding 10% Retarder to the mixed glaze. If you choose to hand brush, we recommend the use of our high quality P51 Glazing Brush, made with the finest, softest white goat hair.

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