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454F-it "fit" box
  • 454F-it "fit" box

Negative and Glass Plate Storage System for 4 x 5

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Item # : 454FIT-MC-MCS
Description This box was designed for use by professional photographers or for collections which are actively used. This is a modular system consisting of the outer carton, an inner liner which is notched to allow a support bar (included) to hold material upright in partially filled boxes or to mark the space when contents are removed. Boxes are made of our MicroChamber or MicroChamber/ Silversafe boards, which offer the best archival storage environment available, A special four-flap envelope which measures 4-1/16" x 5-1/16" fits in the box. This enclosure, designed for sheet film, features a 1/2" tab for indexing purposes. The tab makes filing, indexing, and accessing individual negatives both simple and straightforward. This special four-flap is designed exclusively for this system and will not fit our other boxes; search #4F45i-NB for more information. *All of our papers, boards, and boxes pass PAT.

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