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Photographic Enclosure Paper. .007

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Item # : CRPP
Description Our photographic enclosure paper is a unique alpha cellulose paper developed by Conservation Resources for negative and print envelopes. It is a .007 paper with a neutral pH and is free of both sulfur and lignin. This soft paper will neither abrade nor scratch your images. It offers superior strength and durability, displaying a folding endurance of over 1000 double folds in the weakest direction at 1 kg. load. This paper is a fine choice for interleaving photographs, or for fabricating your own custom enclosures. The grain direction is short (26-½) on the 26-½ x 29-½ and long (33-¼) on the 23-½ x 33-¼ sheets. It is sold by the sheet in a minimum of 10 sheets. * passes PAT