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  • backingboardsforframes

Backing Boards for Framed Photographs

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Item # : MSbackingboards
Description Don't frame your favorite photographs of cherished events- and then slide a piece of cheap, poor quality chipboard behind the picture! Our MicroChamber/Silversafe corrugated boards feature a proprietary combination of alkaline buffers and molecular sieves. They are the natural replacement for the brown kraft corrugated board which comes with most commercial picture frames. Place the white, neutral- pH 100% cotton paper against the back of a framed print and feel confident that your favorite photos will be safe from harm caused by atmospheric pollutants, the backing board which came in your frame, or deteriorative effects of the print itself aging. Backing boards are offered in five sizes to fit standard frames; please let us know if your collection requires other sizes. Backing boards are available in packages of five sheets of a size. *All of our papers, boards, and boxes pass PAT.