Archives, Library & Museum Preservation

For more than 40 years Conservation Resources has proudly delivered the highest quality conservation and archival storage materials to major institutions dedicated to preserving cultural and historical artifacts worldwide. We have developed and patented many products and we constantly seek to identify needs in the conservation community and develop products to address these concerns. If you are looking for materials to treat and preserve items of historical, cultural, or personal significance, you are in the right place. If you don’t see what you are looking for please do not hesitate to contact us. Many of the thousands of items in our inventory are the direct result of customer input.

Archival Storage Supplies

Conservation Resources manufactures a full range of archival storage products. Our first box was manufactured in 1979. Since then, we have been the world leader in the development of new archival papers and boards. From staples such as document cases and drop front boxes to specialized items for photographic images or natural history collections, we have you covered. Browse our boxes, folders, envelopes, papers, and boards in this section of our site.

Conservation Tools, Equipment & Supplies

Preserve and protect with our full line of conservation implements. We carry ceramic and glass conservation products, as well as bookbinding and paper conservation supplies—including tying tape, corner rounders, rivet presses, Grip-Tites, and more. Let the preservation experts at Conservation Resources equip you with the supplies, tools, and equipment you’ll need to defend precious artifacts against the ravages of time.


Discover literary works dedicated to the preservation of humanity’s greatest achievements. Here, experts share their knowledge in the areas of conservation and archaeometry applicable to ancient artifacts and artwork; elemental, structural, isotope, and molecular analysis; dating and provenance methods; data handling; statistical analysis; library history and preservation; and much more.

Family Archivists

Featuring the products we think will be the most useful to individuals caring for their “family archives”, this section features those items we feel best suit your collections. Several styles of boxes hold documents, photographs, genealogical records, and books. Heirloom textile storage is also included. To care for your furniture, silver, china, and crystal we have included sections as well. Additionally, we selected a couple of rather general books to help guide you along the way. In the other sections of this website are thousands of other products which may also prove useful, and we always welcome your calls and emails and are glad to help guide you through the selection process.