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Archival Storage Boxes:  Document Cases with Metal Pull Handles, Archival Half Width Document Cases, Flat Document Cases,  Polyweld ® Archival Label Holders, Archival No-Compromise Record Storage Boxes, Fold-Flat Style, Record Storage (Cubic Foot) Boxes, Fold-Flat Style, Spacer/Follower Blocks for Document Cases and Record Storage Boxes, Pamphlet/Magazine Files, Open Style, Pamphlet/Magazine File, Hinged Lid Style, Card File Boxes, Newspaper, Comic and Ephemera Storage Boxes, Two-Piece Style, Sheet Music Storage, Audio Storage Boxes, CD Protection Discs, Video Tape Storage Boxes, Postcard and Microfiche Boxes, Shoe Box, Textile Storage Boxes, Fold-Flat Style, Archival Quality CD-R & DVD-R Discs, DF692 Ephemera Box,  Flat Document Case in 1300 mc AFB, Fold Flat, One Piece, Self-Assembly Document and Print Boxes, 12128 Regimental Cap & Artifact Boxes, New NG /GW Fold-Flat Print Boxes


Archival Photographic Print Storage:  Drop Front Print Storage Boxes, Two-Piece Full Lid, Photographic Clam-Shell Print Boxes, Fold-Flat Print Boxes, Fine Print Fold and Slot Student Portfolios, Cloth Covered Solander Print Boxes, Snapshot Boxes, Archival Albums, Cloth Print Portfolios, DFC1012 Print Box, Freezer Bags (for Photographic Film & Film Storage), Glass Plate Storage Box


Archival Photographic Negative & Transparency Storage:  Photo-System Negative Transparency Storage Boxes, Upright Negative & Glass Plate Storage Boxes, Vertical Storage Film & Plate Boxes, Future Storage System, Cotton Researcher Gloves, Clam-Shell Four Flap Negative Boxes, Photographic Negative & Glass Plate Fold-Flat Box With Short Lid, Polaroid™ MicroChamber® 4 x 5 Film Box, Slide Storage Box, Aspec 270 Film Cleaner, Master Unit Slide Storage Boxes, Microfilm Storage Boxes, Microfiche Storage Box, Saf-T Stor , Perma-Saf


Archival Paper Products:  Flap (Non-Adheasive) Document & Print Envelopes, File Folders, Photographic File Folders (Non-Buffered), Archival Expanded Gusseted Folders, MicroStik® Active Archival Lining Paper, Unbleached Cotton Tying Tape, Archival Phonograph / Gramophone Protection, Archival Negative & Glass Plate Envelopes, Archival Microfiche Storage Envelopes, Film Freezer Envelopes, Four Flap Archival Enclosures, Archival Microfilm Button & String  Ties, Archival Support Fabrics, Archival Interleaving Tissue, Archival Blotting and Pressing Papers, MultiSorb Wet Strength Paper, Archival Photocopy Paper, Archival Writing Paper, Archival Wrapping Paper / Bookwhite, Alpha Cellulose Enclosure Paper, Silversafe® Paper, Archival Map and Print Folder Papers, Archival Manilla, Archival Photographic & Textile Storage Paper, Silversafe Photographic Storage Paper, Archival Flap Envelopes, L4 Archival Interleaving Tissue, EX17 Archival Expanding Gussetted Folders for Material up to A3 Size, Rare Book ID Strips (57mm X 254mm), Wet Strength Blotting & Pressing Paper, Interleaving, Facing, Lining, or Wrapping Tissue, Leaf Casting Paper Pulp, Crucible Document Folders (4FFDF), 4 Flap Glass Plate & Specimen Enclosures, MicroChamber® MicroWrap® Shelf Liner, MicroChamber® MicroStik® Active Archival Lining Paper, MicroChamber® Silversafe® Envelope, Lining, and Wrapping Paper, MicroChamber® Bond, A Lightweight Proactive Interleaving Paper, MicroChamber® MicroLeaf Endpaper, MicroChamber® Silversafe® Folder Paper, MicroChamber® Quality Expanding File Folders, MicroChamber® Folder Paper


MicroChamber® Proactive Papers:   MicroChamber® Active Archival Paper, MicroChamber® Bond, MicroChamber® MicroLeaf Endpaper, MicroChamber® MicroWrap, MicroChamber® Folder Paper

Box Making Products:  Lignin-Free Binders Boards, Archival Boxboards, MicroChamber® Active Archival Storage Boards (Patented),  Archival Folding Boards (AFB), Rivet Press, Polypropylene Phase Box Washers, Solid Brass Rivets,  Natural Beeswax, Waxed Tying String, Bone Folders, Phase Box Creasing Machines, Made-To-Measure Boxes, 1250 mc & 1300 mc Archival Folding Boxboards, MicroChamber® Silversafe® Corrugated Support Medium,

Museum Mounting Boards:  MicroChamber® Mounting Boards, Arquati® Museum Mounting Board, Daler® 100% Museum Mount Board, MicroChamber® Fomecore Board, MicroChamber® Alpharag® Artcare™ Boards


Archival Polyester Products:  Archival Polyester (ICI Melinex®) 75 mc (3 mil), Sheets, Archival Polyester (ICI Melinex®) Rolls, Customized Archival Polyweld® Pockets, Archival Polyweld® Pockets, Polyboard™ Proactive Folders, Desktop Polyweld® Sealing Machine, Polyweld® B50 (Patented) Sealing Machine, Ultrasonic Welding Machine, Polyweld® Archival Albums, Archival Quality Browsers, Exhibition / Display Film, Archival Polyester Protection Films


Polyester Accessories:  Archival Photo Corners,  Leather Covered Lead Weights,  Double Sided Archival Polyester Tape,  CRG – Cotton Researcher Gloves,  Corner Rounder,  Weighted Snakes 

Markers, Pens and Pencils:  Graphite Pencil,  Polyester Marker Pens,  Texta ‘White’ Marker Pens,  Extra Fine White Marker,  Rub-Resistant Opaque Marker,  Conservation Resources Rolling Pen Marker,  Archival Ink Ball Point Pen,  Archival Stamping Ink,  Rotring Isograph Technical Pens,  Rotring Isograph Ink,  Photographic Marking Pencil,  Pigma “Micron” Pens,  Plastazote Thermocutter,  Thermocutter Spare Blades,  Chinographic Pencils   

Miscellaneous Storage Products:  Archival Accessions Ledger,  Chartpak Map & Plan Tubes,  Map & Banner Bags,  Costume Bags,  Padded Hangers Costume Bags,  Book Support Bags,  Brass Paper Clips,  Stainless Steel Paper Clips,  Terylene Cloth,  Silversmiths’ Silvercloth (Blue in Colour) Products,  Silversmiths’ Gloves,  Goddards Silver Polishing Cloth,  Conservation Quality Plastazote LD45,  Tyvek Rolls,  Polyester Wadding / Batting Material,  Acid-Free Glassine,  Cushion Wrap 1207 – Flame Retardant Cushion Wrap,  Time Capsules,  Holytex Lining Materials  

Cleaning Products:  Glass Fibre Erasers, Tack Cloth,  Putty Rubber ,  Groomstick,  Absorene Paper & Book Cleaner,  Draft Clean Products,  Soft Hair Dusting Brush,  Cleaning Roller,  Dust Bunny,  Smoke Sponge,  Absorene Book & Paper Cleaner,  Conservators Sponge,   Stately Home Brushes (all wooden handles),  Conservation Resources Glue Brush,  Varnish Brush,  Lint-Free Micro-Fibre Cloths,  Ultra Soft Brush-Sponge Cleaner,  Wishab Dry Cleaning Sponges,  Statbrush Anti-Static Brushes,  Aquash Japanese Water Brush 

Tapes:  Cotton Tying Tape,  Document Repair Tape,  Filmoplast P,  Filmoplast P90,  Archival Framing Hinging Tape,  Archival Gummed Linen Tape,  Self-Adhesive Linen Tape,  Double Sided Archival Polyester Tape,  3M / 8901 Glass Tape,  Grey Frame Sealing Tape,  Acrylic Transfer Tape,  Marvelseal 360

Tools and Accessories:  Utility Knife, Heavy Duty ML18 Safety Cutter, Carbon Steel Scalpel, Swann & Morton Surgical Knives, Dental Tools, Shears, Swiss Army Knife, Self-Healing Cutting Mats, Technotiles, Non-Slip Mats, Maglite® Torch Combo, Non-Slip Graduated Rulers, Non-Slip Straight Edges, Self Adhesive Ruler, Ozone Friendly Refillable Airspray Container, Map Roller, Ox-Hair 2” Brush, Mop Brush, Bone Folders, Bright Acrylic Magnifier, Specwell Prismatic Monocular Magnifiers, Quantum Moisture Meter , Stately Home Brushes (all wooden handles), Conservation Resources Glue Brush, Sliver Gripper, Varnish Brush, Teflon Bone Folders, Conservation Tubes, Rustins Wile Wool, Microballoons / Glass Balls,  Micro-Mesh Abrasive Products, Micro-Mesh Sanding Tools, Micro-Mesh Flexi Files, Micro-Mesh Special Restoration Kit, Luer-Lock Syringes & Needles, Boa Constrictors (UN Approved, Non-Impact Performance, Interference Free), Boa Versa, Plastazote Thermocutter, Thermocutter Spare Blades, Glass Mixing Rods, Hi-Polymer Erasers, Hyperaser, Cotton Wool Buds / Swabs,  MicroSpatulas, Swann Morton Products, Hand-Held Circular Blade Cutter, Rustins Steel Wool, Clarkson Book Support System

Workshop Equipment:  Tru-Steam® Steam Generator,  TC Vacuum Probe,  TC Vacuum Probe Spares,  Vacuum Tweezers Set,  Portable Vacuum Cleaner,  B-20 Desktop Polyweld® Sealing Machine,  B-50 Polyweld® (Patented) Sealing Machine,  Rotatrim Cutters,  M Series (General Purpose Rotary Cutter),  Technical Series,  Larn Colour Corrected Light Boxes,  Astralite,  Luxo Illuminated Magnifier Lamps,  Glass Dropper with Rubber Bulb,  Dahlia Sprayer,  Derota GV6 Steam Cleaner (data sheet available),  Clear Silicone Coated Polyester Release Film,  Solvent Dispensers,  Optivisor Headband Magnifiers,  X3 Pocket Magnifier,  Hi-Powered Illuminated Magnifier,  Plaster Mixing Bowl Combination,  Pure Curators Soap

Environmental and Test Monitoring Supplies:  Mitutoyo Pocket Thickness Caliper, Abbey® pH Pen, pH Detector Pencil, Merck® pH Strips, Pocket pH Sensor, Pure Water Conductivity Sensor, Pocket Thermometer, 3228 Hand-Held Digital Thermometer, Laser Thermometer, Pen Hygrometer, Sovereign Moisture Meter, Protimeter Digital Mini, Rotronic A1 Hygrometer Kit, Dial Hair Hygrometer, Whirling Hygrometer, Casella Thermohygrograps, Reversible Temperature Control Strips, Silica Gel, Artsorb Humidity Control Systems, Humidity Indicator Cards, Humidity Indicator Strips, Self-Adhesive Temperature / Humidity Indicator Strips, Solex Lux Meters, 762 UV Monitor, 763 UV Light Monitor, U/V Light Filters, UV VE Perspex® 1 mm Thick Sheeting, Creaco Safebreak™ UV Blocking Fluorescent Tubes, Lo-Line Insect Traps (Pesticide Free), Orange – Green, Self-Indicating Silica Gel, Hygropalm 1 (Rotronic), Casella Standard Thermohygrograph, Protimeter Surveymaster, Infrared Thermometer with Laser Sighting, Upgraded Pure Water Conductivity Meter, U/V Filtering Film, A-D Strips (An Image Permanence Institute Product), LM2 Lux and Foot Candle Meter, Blue Wool Scales (Textile Fading Card), CR 764 & 774 Environmental Monitors, Hydrion Humidicator Paper, Hanwell Humbug Data Loggers, Display Humbug, Aqua-Tech Dual Purpose Insecticide & Fungicide, Quake / Collectors Museum Hold

Health and Safety Supplies:  Archival Tyvek Tags, Power Breaker, Cotton Researcher Gloves, Nitrile Gloves, Vinyl Disposable Gloves, Neoprene Gloves, Safety Goggles, 3M / 6000 Series Organic Vapours Face Mask, 3M / 8810 Dust & Mould Protection Mask, Erlab Ductless (Captair) Extractor Hoods, Badger Balm, Organic & Ammonia Vapours Filter (ABEK), Conservators Apron, MicroDot Gloves, Full Face Organic Vapour Mask, Skin-Tight, Tru-Touch, Powder-Free Nitrile Gloves, Powder-Free Latex Examination Gloves, Disaster Planning – S360 Baygen Wind-Up Radio (translucent version only), Disaster Planning – Freeplay SHERPA Torch, Hazard Spill Response Kits, Coveralls – Ideal When Handling New Accessions Off-Site

Conservation Adhesives:  Beva 371, Beva 371 Paste, Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (SCMC), Bookbinders Starch Paste, Reversible Neutral pH PVA, Evacon R, PVA / Starch Blend, Bookbinders PVA, Speciality PVA, Texicryl Acrylic Adhesive, Pearl Glue, Mowilith DM427, HMG Cellulose Nitrate, HMG Paraloid B72, Epotek 301-2, Conservation Adhesive, Araldite Resin AY103, Devcon 5 Minute Epoxy, Araldite Precision & Rapid, Araldite AV1253, HiTack Fish Glue, Sea-Gel, Conservation Tubes, Milliput Black, Araldite 20 / 20 Adhesive, UHU Plus-300, Hxtal Epoxy Adhesive, Flugger Acrylic Putty

Chemical Products:   Pilantine Standard (BM Leather Dressing), Pliantine Special (No Beeswax), Pliantex, Pliansolve (A.K.A. Pliantex Diluent), Klucel G (Hydroxypropylcellulose) Enzymes, Chloramine T, PTDA Deacidification Solutions, Vulpex Spirit Soap,  Synperonic N, Biox Conservation Liquid, Biox Conservation Gel, Farecla Cleaning Products, Anti-Static Solution, P615 Cleaning Paste, Cleaning Paste, Finishing Solution, LH16E Rupes Electronic Polisher, Finishing Head, Polishing Cloth, Aspec Cleaning Atomiser Spray, Opaline Polishing Compound, Mowilith DM427, Laponite RD, Paraloid B72, Paraloid B67, Paraloid B44, Paraloid F10,  Plextol B500, Sturgeon Isinglass Glue, Superfine Milliput Epoxy Putty, China Epoxy Putty, Harbutts Grey Modelling Plasticine, Epotek 301, Chintex Clear Glaze, Tor Life Ceramic Glaze, Rustins Quick Drying Ceramic Glaze, Matting Agent Gasil 23, Kaolin (BP grade), Barium Sulphate (A.K.A. Barytes Powder), Bedacryl 122X, Primal (Rhoplex) WS24, Primal (Rhoplex) AC33, Primal (Rhoplex) B60A, Polythene Bags, Bubble Wrap, Vinamold Hot Melt Compound, Pre-Vulcanised Latex, Silicone Grease,  Mowital B30H, PVA Emulsion Vinamul 6825, PVA Resin Vinapas, Xylamon LX-Hardening, Wykamol Woodworm Fluid Carosil Tarnish Inhibitor Capsule, Carosil Plastabs, Prelim, Silverdip, MicroChamber Emulsion® Paint, Incralac, Ercalene, Copper, and Brass, Frigiline Silver, Gum Elemi, Gum Dammar, Ketone Resin N (A.K.A. Larapol K80) Microcrystalline Wax, Renaissance (Micro-Crystalline) Wax Polish, Beeswax, Carnauba Wax, Polythene ‘A’ Wax,  Acetone GPR, Epoxy Disintegrator, Universal Brush Cleaner, Renaissance Metal De-Corroder, Larapol A81, MS2A, Pre-Diluted Paraloid B72 Fixative, Cellugel, Leksol (available in standard or azeotropic grade), Chintex Products – (size changes), Rustins Plastic Coating Ceramic Glaze Kit, Safe Paint and Varnish Remover (Conservation Grade Nitromors), Cabosil M-5, Titanium Dioxide, Capa 650 (Thermoplastic Moulding Material), Steramould Moulding Compound, Greygate Plastic Polish,  Dehypon LS45, Vulpex Spirit Soap (Sampler Size), Orvus WA Paste, Mowilith 50 (Consolidant for Bones & Leather), Plextol M630, Toluene, Silicone Sealants (Dow Corning), Sepiolite, Microtech Biocide 25X, Lanolin, Autochrome, Autosol, Paraloid B48N  

Lamination Products:  Hardbed Laminating Presses, Powered Operated Press, Vacuseal Vacuum Presses, Semi Matic Laminator, Standard Tacking Iron, Piercing Tool, Carrier Board, PTFE Cloth (Polytetrafluoroethylene), Easy-Peel Release Paper, Foam Plastic, Filmoplast R, Archibond Tissue, Area Bonded Fibre, Unsupported Archibond Adhesive, Archival Cloth with Texicryl Adhesive, ArchivalMount, Fusion 4000, Extra Bond Dry Mount Tissue, Dry Mount Film, White Dry Mount Film, Mounting Canvas, Gloss Release Film (Overlay Foil), Glossy (Gloss Acetate) Heatseal Film, Satin Matte (Specialtex Satin Matt) Heatseal Film, Ultra-Matte (Matt) Heatseal Film, Lustre (SpecialtexLustre) Heatseal Film, Texturefilm Heatseal Film, Standard (Polyester Gloss) Gloss Heatseal Film

Mount Cutters:  Logan® Mount Cutters,  Keen Cut Mount Cutters


Photographic:  The Permanence and Care of Color Photographs: Traditional and Digital Color Prints, Color Negatives, Slides, and Motion Pictures,  The Imperfect Image: Photographs their Past, Present and Future,  Mechanisms of Image Deterioration in Early Photographs, IPI Storage Guide,  Copying & Duplicating in Black-and-White and Color,  Conservation of Photographs,  Photographic Retouching,  IPI Media Quick Reference Storage Guide,  Storage Guide for Photographic Materials,  Cyanotype, The History, Science, and Art of Photographic Printing in Prussian Blue,  The Daguerreotype, Nineteenth-Century Technology and Modern Science,  Restoration of Motion Picture Film, 

Works Of Art:    A Hand Papermaker’s Sourcebook,  Making Paper, A Look into the History of an Ancient Craft,  Learn To Frame,  The Curatorial Care of Works of Art on Paper,  The Do’s and Don’t’s,  The Right Frame,  The Art of Decorative Matting,   UKIC (pre ICON) Ceramics Group Publications

Conservation & Museum Issues:    A-Z Guide to Cleaning, Conserving & Repairing Antiques,  The Conservation and Restoration of Ceramics,  Textile Conservators Manual,  Conservation of Glass,  Care & Conservation of Geological Material,  The Museum Environment,   The National Trust Manual of Housekeeping, Managing Conservation in Museums,  Plastics: Collecting and Conserving,  Varnishes – Authenticity & Permanence, A Workshop Handbook,  The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries,  The Textile Conservator’s Manual, 2nd Edition,  Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation,  Preserving Textiles: A Guide for the Nonspecialist,  Conservation of Furnishing Textiles,  Paper & Textiles:  The Common Ground,  Conservation of Furniture,  Lacquer: Technology & Conservation,  Introduction to Object ID,  Introduction to Archival Organization and Description, Access to Cultural Heritage,  Risk Assessment for Object Conservation,  Heritage Eater – Insects and Fungi in Heritage Collections,  Exhibit Labels,  The Structural Conservation of Panel Paintings,  The Structural Conservation of Wall Paintings,  Painted Wood: History & Conservation,  Decorative Wood,  Ancient and Historic Metals – Conservation and Scientific Research,  Site Effects: The Impact of Location on Conservation Treatments,  The Care of Antiques & Historical Collections, 2nd Edition,  Architectural Tiles,  Caring for Your Historic House, 

Health & Safety:    Artist Beware,  Health Hazards Manual for Artists,  Health Hazards for Photographers,  Ventilation,  Effects of the Indoor Environment on Health, 

Chemistry:  Effects of the Indoor Environment on Health,  Materials for Conservation,  The Consumer’s Good Chemical Guide, Traces of the Past: Unravelling the Secrets of Archaeology Through Chemistry, 

Reference Guides:   CCI Cushion Design Pack,  Encyclopedia of the Book, The Materials and Techniques of Medieval Painting,  Painting Materials, A Short Encyclopedia,  Brushes, A Handbook for Artists and Artisans,  Canadian Conservation Institute Notes,  Lignin: Historic, Biological, and Materials Perspectives, 

Library Material:    Modern Book Collecting,  A Library, Media, and Archival Preservation Handbook,  Book Binding and the Care of Books,  The Care of Fine Books, Recollections: A Life in Bookbinding,  History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique,  The Art & History of Books,  ABC for Book Collectors, 7th Edition,  Headbands, How to Work Them,  Encyclopedia of Paper Making & Bookbinding: The Definitive Guide to Making, Embellishing, and Repairing Paper & Books, 

Digital Materials:   Preservation Management of Digital Materials: A Handbook,  Introduction to Managing Digital Assets, Options for Cultural and Educational Organisations,