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Plextol B500

Plextol B500 may be used in the consolidation of wallpaper, or as a heat activated adhesive to reline canvases and similar substrates. One of the major uses described for it is an adhesive for laying down flakes of paint on ethnographic objects. Please refer to two major studies with regard to this product: Studies in Conservation 36 (1991) pp. 203-221, and an earlier article, of relevance because it details the technique: ICOM-CC, 8th Triennial Meeting, Sydney (1987) pp. 833-841. The solid content is 50, +/- 1%. The pH is 9.5 +/- 0.5%, and the minimum film forming temperature is 7 C.

Plextol B500


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Plextol B500, 1 liter