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Archival Storage Supplies

Conservation Tools, Equipment & Supplies

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Legal & Letter Size Storage,  Flat Storage Boxes & Folders,  Storage for Cards & Magazines,  Rare Books & Pamphlets,  Photographic Storage Materials,  Audio Visual Materials,  Microfilm & Microfiche Storage,  Storage of Rolled Objects,  Textile Storage Materials,  Natural History Collections,  Storage for Personal Collections,  Archival Polyester (“Mylar”),  Archival Paper Envelopes,  Archival Folders,  Archival Tissue, Paper & Board,  Framing & Matting Materials

Legal & Letter Size Storage:

Document Cases with Handles and Windows

Document Cases with Handles Only

Document Cases with String Pulls Only

Document Cases with Pull Hole Only

Cases with String and Integral Support Bars

Half Width Document Cases

Oversized Document Cases

Document Cases Dividers

Spacer-Support for Document Cases

Spacer-Support Bars for Upright Document Cases

Deed Boxes

Flat Document Cases

No Compromise Record Storage Boxes

Cubic Foot Record Storage Boxes

Spacer-Support for Record Storage Boxes

Corrugated Document Cases

Corrugated Half Width Record Boxes

Traditional File Folders

MicroChamber .012” File Folders

MicroChamber/Silversafe File Folders, Non-reinforced .012”

Heavy Duty File Folders

Expanding Folders

Permalife, Archival Bond Paper

Ultra-Permanent MicroChamber Bond Paper

Polyester Label Holders

Flat Storage Boxes & Folders:

Archival Short Lid Flat Storage Boxes

Folders for Archival Short Lid Flat Storage Boxes

Ledger Boxes

Oversize Flat Boxes

Folders for Oversize Flat Boxes

Extra Deep Newspaper Storage Boxes

Standard Newspaper Storage Boxes

Clamshell Newspaper Boxes

Folders for Newspaper Storage Boxes

Clamshell Boxes

Folders for Clamshell Boxes

Drop Front Storage Boxes

Corrugated Drop Front Boxes

Folders for Drop Front Boxes

Storage for Cards & Magazines:

Card Storage-File Boxes

Magazine Storage, Curved Top Files

Magazine Storage Curved Top Files Corrugated, Ship Flat

Serial Containers

Hinged Lid Files

Comic Book Boxes

Rare Books and Pamphlets:

Rare Book Phase Boxes

Supplies and Materials for Making Phase Boxes

Rare Document Binders with Paper Inserts

Pamphlet Binders with Archival Polyester Inserts

Pamphlet Storage, Curved Top Files

Pamphlet Storage Curved Top Files Corrugated, Ship Flat

Protective Wrappers for Pamphlets

Book Support Cushions

Bookmarks and Identification Strips

Narrow Polyester Rolls

Unbleached Cotton Tying Tape


Photographic Storage Materials:

Polyester Slide Storage Sleeves

Slide Storage Box

Master Unit Slide Storage Boxes

Negative Envelopes/Conventional Style

Four Flap Negative Enclosures

Vertical Storage Boxes for Sheet Films and Plates

Two-piece/Ship flat Negative Boxes

Short Lid Negative Boxes

Archival Storage System for Negative and Glass Plates

Future Storage System for Negative and Glass Plates

Suspension Storage Boxes for Glass Plates

Clamshell Storage Boxes for 5 X 7 and 8 x 10 Film

120 and 35mm Negative Boxes

Storage Systems for 6cm X 9cm, 120mm and 35mm Film

Clamshell Ring Binder Boxes

Cloth-Covered Solandar-Style MicroChamber Box

Archival Cloth-Covered Clamshell Boxes

Storage Systems for 4 X 6 and 3 X 5 Color Prints

Drop Front Storage Boxes

Corrugated Drop Front Boxes

Photographic Folders for Drop Front Boxes

Boxes for Computer Generated Inkjet Prints

Folders for Inkjet Print Boxes

File Folders for Photographs

X-Ray Storage

Photo Mount Cards

Stereo Photographs

Lantern Slides

Cabinet Cards

Cartes De Visite

Cold Mount Adhesive

Mounting Corners

Photo Pencils

Static Wisk ™ Anti-Static Brushes

A-D Strips

Bags for Cold Storage of Photographic Material

Audio Visual Materials:

Video Tape Storage Boxes

Cassette Tape Storage

Blu-Ray Storage

CD Storage

Pocket Disk Storage

DVD Storage

Mini-Disk Storage

Mitsui Gold Archival CDs

Mitsui Gold Archival DVDs

Motion Picture Storage Boxes

Audio Tape Boxes

Two-Piece Boxes for Phonograph Recordings

Record Jackets

Hinged Lid Boxes for Phonograph Recordings

Envelopes for 16” Records

Polyester Sleeves for Record Albums

Microfilm and Microfiche Storage:

Microfilm Storage Boxes

Set-Up Microfilm Boxes

Ship-Flat Microfilm Boxes

Master Microfilm Storage Cases

Microfiche Envelopes

Microfiche File Boxes

Microfiche Flip-Top Storage Boxes

Ship-Flat Government Microfiche Boxes

Storage for Rolled Objects:

Veil/Rolled Material Boxes

Corrugated Ship-Flat Boxes for Rolled Objects

Textile Storage Materials:

Textile Boxes

Hat Boxes

Veil/Rolled Textile Boxes

Artifact Box

Non-Buffered Tissue

Buffered Tissue

Map/Banner Bags

Garment/Costume Bags

Tyvek Tags

Cotton Labeling Tape

Natural History Collections:

Specimen Trays

Artifact Storage Boxes

Partition Trays

Tops for Partition Trays

Divided Specimen Trays

Specimen Mounting Cards

Genus Covers

Bi-Fold Genus Covers

Palm Folders

Species Folders

Archival Storage Boxes for Folders

Polyester Envelopes

Polyethylene Zipper Bags

Accession Registers

Tyvek Tags and Sheets



Artcare Foamboard

Specimen Pins

Storage for Personal Collections:

MicroChamber Interleaving Paper

Polyester Poster Envelops

Polyester Currency Envelopes

Display Folders for Collectible Documents

Certificate, License and Award Polyester Envelopes

Sheet Music Storage

Stereo Photographs

Lantern Slides

Cabinet Cards

Cartes De Visite

Storage for First Day Covers

Postcard Storage

Baseball and Trading Cards

Storage Systems for Comic Books

Archival Polyester (“Mylar”):

Archival Polyester in Rolls and Sheets

General Purpose Polyester Envelopes 3mil

Polyester Sleeves and L-Seals 3mil

General Purpose Polyester Envelopes and L-Seals 4mil

Polyester Map/Print Newspaper Envelopes

Locking Polyester Folders with MicroChamber Inserts

Polyester Sheet Music Envelopes

Polyester X-Ray Envelopes

Polyester Binder Pages

Polyester Processing Folders

Locking Folders

Double-Coated Tape #415

Polyethylene Zipper Bags

Polyester Marking Pens

Polyweld Polyester Sealing Machines

Archival Paper Envelopes:

Heavy Duty Document Envelopes

X-ray Storage Envelopes

Negative Envelopes Conventional Style

Four Flap Negative Enclosures

Microfiche Envelopes

Archival Folders:

Traditional File Folders

MicroChamber File Folders

MicroChamber/Silversafe File Folders

Heavy-Duty File Folders

Expanding Folders

Map and Print Folders

Folders with Polyester Inserts

Archival Tissue, Paper & Board:

Non-Buffered Tissue

MicroChamber Interleaving Paper

100% Cotton MicroChamber Wrapping Paper, .005”

Ultra-Permanent MicroChamber Bond Paper, .004” 24 lb

Archival, Permalife Bond Paper

Permalife Archival Bond Paper

CRPP Photographic Enclosure Paper .006”

MicroChamber Enclosure Paper .007”, 80 lb

MicroChamber/Silversafe Enclosure Paper .0085”, 100 lb

MicroChamber General Purpose Black/White Paper .010”, 110lb

Lig-free Type I Folder Stock .010”, 145 lb

Lig-free Type I Folder Stock .020”, 290 lb.

Non-Buffered Photographic Folder Paper .010”, 145 lb

MicroChamber Folder Paper .012”, 155 lb

MicroChamber/Silversafe Folder Paper .012”, 150 lb

Box Boards

Corrugated Boards

MicroChamber Binders’ Board

Paper Micrometer

Framing & Matting Materials:

Alpharag Artcare

Artcare Foamboard

Protective Corners for Frames

Corrugated Backing Boards for Framed Pictures




Conservation Equipment,  Heat-Set Products,  Magnification Tools,  Environmental Monitoring, Testing & Collection: Maintenance, Supplies & Equipment,  General Conservation Equipment,  Knives, Scalpels, Scissors & Tools,  Brushes,  Pencils, Pens & Markers,  Identification Supplies,  Cushioning & Protective Materials,  Personal Safety Products,  Gloves,  Bookbinding & Book Repair Supplies,  Cleaning Supplies,  Detergents,  Cleaning & Bleaching Supplies,  Tarnish Inhibitors,  Tapes & Mounting Products,  Adhesives,  Glazes,  Fillers,  Consolidants,  Modeling Compounds & Molding Supplies,  Waxes,  Coating Materials,  Varnishes, Gums & Resins

Conservation Equipment:

Heavy-Duty Corner Rounder

Nilfisk Museum Vacuum with Variable Speed Control

Polyweld Polyester Sealing Machines

Rivet Press

Standard Corner Rounder

TC Vacuum Probe

Vacuum Tweezers

Heat-Set Products:

Archival Cloth with Texicryl Adhesive

Area Bonded Fiber

Bondina Support Fabrics

Easy-Peel Release Paper

Hollytex Lining Materials

PTFE (Polytetraflouroethylene) Cloth

Magnification Tools:



Environmental Monitoring, Testing & Collection: Maintenance, Supplies & Equipment:

A-D Strips

Blue Scales (Blue Wool Fade Cards)

Hygrometer, Rotronic A1

Hygrometer, Whirling

Hydrion Humidicator Paper

Humidity Indicator Cards

pH Sensor

pH Detection Pencil

pH Strips, A-D

pH Strip, Merck

Protimeter Digital Mini Moisture Probe

Protimeter Surveymaster

Silica Gel, Non-Hazardous Self-Indicating

Sound Level Meters

Thermohydrographs, Cassella

Thermohygrometer, Brass

Thermometer, Digital 3228

Thermometer, Infrared with Laser Sighting

Thermometer, Laser

Thermometer, Pocket

Trapper Monitor & Insect Traps

General Conservation Equipment:

Accession Registers

Badger Healing Balm Hand Lotion

Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray

Curators’ Collection-Safe Hand Soap

Dropper Bottles

Empty Tubes


Glass Beads

Glass Droppers

Glass Microballoons

Leather-Covered Lead Weights

Luer-Lok Syringes and Needles

Micromesh Abrasives

Micromesh Flexible Files

Micromesh Sanding Stick System

Micromesh Sanding Stick Kit

Micromesh Sanding Swabs

Micromesh Kit

MicroChamber Emulsion

Non-Slip Mats

Paper Micrometer

Plaster Mixing Bowls and Spatula


Precision Swabs

Polyethylene Zipper Bags

Polypropylene and Polyethylene Storage Containers

Refillable Air Spray Containers

Self-Contained Solvent Swabs

Shoe String Weights

Solvent Dispensers

Stainless Steel Paper Clips

Stainless Steel Work Trays

Knives, Scalpels, Scissors & Tools:

Bone Folders, Genuine

Bone Folders, Teflon

Bookbinders Awl

Burnishing Tool

Cutting Mats, Self-Healing

Delaminating Tools, Teflon

Knife, Handy

Knives, Bookbinding

Knives, Palette



Mini-Scalpels, Disposable

Prima Precision Instruments

Scissors, Dahle


Stitch Cutters

Swann & Morton Scalpels, Blades and Blade Removers

Swann & Morton Standard Blades

Swann & Morton Special Blades

Swann & Morton Blade Removers

Tool Wrap


Aquash Japanese Water Brush

Dusting Brush

Glue Brushes

Historic Home Brushes

Paste Brushes

Sizing Brush

Static Wisk™ Anti-Static Brushes

Sterile Brush/Sponge

Pencils, Pens & Markers:

Archival Stamp Pad Ink

Chinographic Pencils

Photo Pencils

Pigma Pens

Polyester Marking Pens

Rotring Isograph Technical Pens and Inks

White Markers

Identification Supplies:

B72 Lacquer for Labeling Museum Objects

Bookmarks and Identification Strips

Tyvek Tags

Cushioning & Protective Materials:



Personal Safety Products:

Aprons, Conservators and Archivists

Aprons and Sleeves, Tyvek

Aprons and Sleeves, Vinyl

Coveralls, Tyvek

Dust Masks


Cotton Researcher Gloves

MicroDot Gloves

Nitrile Gloves, Close-Fitting Disposable

Nitrile Gloves, Traditional Fit

Neoprene Gloves

Silversmiths’ Gloves and Polish

Vinyl Disposable Gloves

Bookbinding & Book Repair Supplies:

Absorene Book & Paper Cleaner

Bone Folders, Genuine

Bone Folders, Teflon

Book Support Cushions and Covers

Bookbinding Awls

Bookbinding Knives

Bookkeeper Deacidification Spray

Bookbinders’ Archival Starch Paste

Bookbinder’ PVA

Bookmarks and Identification Strips


Cotton Tying Tape

Dahle Scissors

EVA Adhesive Evacon R


Klucel G and Klucel E (Hydroxypropylcellulose)

Leather Dressing, Accessible Preservatives (formerly Triple Crown/Fredelka) Leather Dressing

Methyl Cellulose

Neutral pH Tape

Polyester Rolls

PVA/Starch Blend

Cleaning Supplies:  

Conservator’s Sponge

Draft Cleaning Products

Electric Eraser

Flannel Polishing Cloth

Glass Fiber Erasers


Hi-Polymer Erasers


Lint-Free Polishing Cloth

Micro-Fiber Wiper

Self-Contained Solvent Swabs

Silver Polishing Cloth

Smoke Cleaning Sponges

Steel Wool

Sterile Brush/Sponge

Tack Cloth

Wishab Sponges

Detergents, Cleaning & Bleaching Supplies:

A-1100: Silquest Amino Silane Pretreatment

Absorene Book & Paper Cleaner

Biox Conservation Liquid

Biox Conservation Gel


ECOSURF EH-9 Surfactant


Laponite RD®


Leksol AL

Opaline (Cerium Oxide)

Orvus WA Paste


Renaissance Metal De-Corroder



Vulpex Spirit Soap

Tarnish Inhibitors:

Carosil Tarnish Inhibitor Capsules

Carosil Plastabs

Silvercloth-Bags and Rolls

Silversmiths’ Gloves and Polish

Silver polishing Cloth


Tapes & Mounting Products:

Double-Coated Tape #415

Document Repair Tape

Filmoplast P and P90

Filmoplast T

Glass Masking Tape

Mulberry Paper Strips

Neutral pH Tape

Self-Adhesive Linen Tape

Transparent Transfer Tape #465


Acrysol WS24 (Rhoplex WS24, Primal WS24)

Araldite Resin AY103

Araldite Hardener HY956

Araldite 2014

Araldite 2020

Beva 371 Film and Beva Tex

Beva 371 Gel

Beva 371 Solution

Bookbinders’ Archival Starch Paste

Bookbinders’ PVA

Cold-Mount Adhesive

Conservation Adhesive

Epotek Epoxies 301 and 301-2

EVA Adhesive Evacon R


HMG Acryloid B-72

HMG Cellulose Nitrate Adhesive

High Tack Fish Glue

Hot Melt Glue Gun

Hot Melt Adhesive-not PVA or EVA

Hxtal NYLI Epoxy Adhesive

Jade R Adhesive

Jade 403N Adhesive

Methyl Cellulose

Mowilith 50

Pearl Glue

Plextol M630

PVA/Starch Blend

Rhoplex B60A (Primal B60A)

Rhoplex WS24 (Primal WS24, Acrysol WS24)

Texicryl Acrylic Adhesive


Rustin’s Quick Drying Ceramic Glaze

Rustin’s Plastic Coating


Barytes Powder (Barium Sulfate)

Cabosil M-5


Gasil 23 Matting Agent (Fumed Silica)

Glass Microballoons

Kaolin (BP grade)

Titanium Dioxide



Klucel G and Klucel E (Hydroxypropylcellose)

Liquid Wood

Mowilith 50

PVA Resin Solid Vinapas

Rhoplex B60A (Primal B60A)

Modeling Compounds & Molding Supplies:


Liquidtex Modeling Paste

Milliput Epoxy Putty


Pre-Vulcanized Latex

Silicone Grease

Sylmasta A+B Modeling Putty

Vinamold Hot Melt Compound

Wood Epoxy Putty



Carnauba Wax

Conservators’ Wax

Microcrystalline Wax

Polythene “A” Wax

Quake Hold Products

Renaissance Wax

Coating Materials:

Acryloid B-44 (Paraloid B-44)

Acryloid B-48N (Paraloid B-48N)

Acryloid B-67 (Paraloid B-67)

Acryloid B-72 (Paraloid B-72)

Ercalene/Ercalene Reducer

Frigiline/Frigiline Reducer


Polishing Paste #5

Rustin’s Burnishing Cream

Varnishes, Gums & Resins:

Beva Isolating Varnish / Fixative

Gum Dammar

Larapol A81

Soluvar Varnishes

UV-Stable Finishing Varnish

UV-Stable Matte Varnish



Chinaglaze Low-Temperature Clear Glaze

Chinaglaze Thinner HP733

Coldglaze PRO2 Clear Gloss

Coldglaze Pro2 Retarder

Colglaze White Dye

Coldglaze PT146 Thinner

Glazing Brush

UHU Plus Epoxy "300 kg"

Aradite 2020

Sylmasta A+B Putty

Coldglaze Matting Agent S532

Araldite Resin AY103

Araldite Hardener HY956

Ultimate Golds and Silver Paint Set

Ultimate Gold: English Fine Gold

Ultimate Gold: European Gold

Ultimate Gold: Pale Gold

Ultimate Gold: Antique Gold

Ultimate Silver

Round Pointed Paintbrush P41 (5/0)

Spotters Brush, Sable Hair Bristles, P27EX (2/0)



Special Perspectives,  General Conservation & Archival Practice,  Archival Theory, Administration & Design,  Museums: Administration,  Documentation & Exhibitions,  General Collections Care & Maintenance,  Conservation Chemistry, Theories & Analyses,  Care & Conservation of Books, Paper & Parchment,  Architectural, Building & Stone Conservation,  Photographic Materials,  Conservation of Painting: Methods, Materials & Techniques,  Frames, Framing & Matting,   Conservation of Wooden Objects,  Conservation of Furniture,  Textiles,  Conservation of Leather, Fur & Skin,   Archaeology,  Care of Metals,  Conservation of Modern Materials,  Conservation of Other Objects,  Disaster & Emergency Planning,  Health & Environmental Issues,  Coping With Pests & Molds,  Tools & Guides

Special Perspectives:

The Great Libraries from Antiquity to the Renaissance

Recollections: A Life in Bookbinding

General Conservation & Archival Practice:

An Ounce of Preservation

Archival Theory, Administration & Design: 

Starting an Archives

Museums: Administration, Documentation & Exhibitions:

Managing Conservation in Museums

Digital Collections: Museums and the Information Age

General Collections Care & Maintenance:

The Gentle Art of Applied Pressure

The Care of Antiques and Historical Collections

Conservation Chemistry, Theories & Analyses:

Color Science in the Examination of Museum Objects: Nondestructive Procedures

Infrared Spectroscopy

Thin-Layer Chromatography for Binding Media Analysis

Radiography of Cultural Material

Care & Conservation of Books, Paper & Parchment:

The Repair of Cloth Bindings

American Watermarks 1690-1835

Microanalysis of Parchment

The Storage of Art on Paper, A Basic Storage Guide for Institutions

Preserving Library Materials: A Manual

Paper and Textiles: The Common Ground

ABC of Leather Bookbinding: A Manual for Traditional Craftsmanship

Headbands How to Work Them

History of English Craft Bookbinding Technique

The Art & History of Books

Off the Deckle Edge, A Papermaking Journey Through India

Architectural, Building & Stone Conservation:

Architectural Ceramics: Their History, Manufacture and Conservation

History of Architectural Conservation

Conservation of Brick

Conservation of Historic Buildings

Caring for Your Historic House

Photographic Materials:

IPI Storage Guide for Acetate Film

Copying and Duplicating in Black and White and Color

Copying and Duplicating: Photographic and Digital Imaging Techniques

Restoration of Motion Picture Film

Conservation of Painting: Methods, Materials & Techniques:

Artists’ Pigments 1600-1835

Looking Through Paintings

Historical Painting Techniques, Materials and Studio Practice

Colors and Materials for Oil Painting

Conserving the Painted Past: Developing Approaches to Wall Painting Conservation

The Structural Conservation of Panel Paintings

The Conservation of Wall Paintings

Solvent Gels for the Cleaning of Works of Art

Frames, Framing & Matting:

The Art of Decorative Matting

Conservation of Wooden Objects:

Decorated Wood

Gilded Wood: History & Conservation

Conservation of Furniture:

Upholstery Conservation-Principles and Practice

Conservation of Furnishing Textiles


International Perspectives on Textile Conservation

Textile Conservator’s Manual

Chemical Principles of Textile Conservation

The Conservation of Tapestries and Embroideries

North American Textile Conservation Conference 2000-Preprints

Paper and Textiles: The Common Ground

Conservation of Leather, Fur & Skin:

Leather Wet and Dry: Current Treatments in the Conservation of Desiccated and Waterlogged Leather


Traces of the Past: Unraveling the Secrets of Archaeology Through Chemistry

Modern Analytical Methods in Art & Archaeology

Care of Metals:

Gilded Metals: History, Technology and Conservation

Ancient and Historic Metals- Conservation and Scientific Research

Metal ‘98

Conservation of Modern Materials:

Plastics, Collecting and Conserving

Conservation of Other Objects:

The Conservation of Decorative Arts

Disaster & Emergency Planning:

Emergency Response Salvage Wheel

Disaster-Recovery Sourcebook

Surviving the Big One: A Primer for Libraries, Museums and Archives

Health & Environmental Issues:

New Tools for Preservation: Assessing Long-Term Environmental Effects on Library and Archives Collections

Effects of the Indoor Environment on Health

Coping With Pests & Molds:

Heritage Eaters-Insect & Fungi in Heritage Collections

Tools & Guides:

Pocket Guide to MSDS Sheets

Pocket Guide to Personal Protective Equipment

Respirator Safety Pocket Guide