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Conservation Resources International, L.L.C.

5532 Port Royal Road

Springfield, VA 22151

Phone 800 634 6932, Fax 703 321 0629
email: sales@conservationresources.com

Environmentally Friendly “Green” Document Cases

A combination of competition from overseas and changing technology have caused excellent small specialty paper mills to close. While this presents challenges, it also opens the door to new opportunities. When we make changes to an archival paper or board, our goal has always been to improve it, to make it even better than the material it is replacing. Our new lignin free, alkaline pH Gray/White box board offers exceptional value via very high quality and low cost, a factor which can be especially important in these economic times. Additionally, components of this board are made using low-impact, clean, 100% renewable hydroelectric power and are manufactured carbon neutral*.

*Through the acquisition of carbon-offset credits, or Verified Emission Reductions (VER’s), the paper mill neutralizes the effects of carbon emissions created in the manufacturing process.  VER’s are verified by a third party and registered on the Greenhouse Gas Registry of the Environmental Resources Trust, Inc. and on the Chicago Climate Exchange.

Other Conservation Resources papers and boards which are now (or are being phased in) made entirely with clean, renewable energy, and are manufactured carbon neutral, include Lig-free I®, Lig-free II® and MicroChamber® file folders, map and print folders and box boards (both corrugated and the solid fiber boards used to make document cases and our other boxes).