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Conservation Resources International has been serving the conservation community on a world wide basis for over two decades. Since the beginning of our company, we have lead the field with a number of innovations. We were the first to buffer products throughout all layers, the first to introduce lignin-free products, the first to seal polyester without adhesives. We have also developed original and exclusive products such as our un-buffered/buffered Lig-free I line and our patented MicroChamber papers and boards which contain zeolites. Our goal has always been to bring you the best conservation products fabricated from the highest quality materials and designed to meet your most demanding conservation treatment and archival storage standards.

This website has been created to give you complete and accurate technical information about our products and to make it easy for you to order our products on-line. Please correspond with us about any product or ask us any technical questions using the various mail locations on this site.